Frequently Asked Questions

Will Window film help me save money on my electric bills?

Yes! Window film significantly reduces the amount of Infrared Radiation (IR) entering through your windows, lowering the amount of heat that enters your home and reducing cooling costs.

What is the warranty?

Most window film manufacturers offer a 15 year commercial warranty and a limited lifetime warranty on residential applications. We will provide written warranty terms and conditions with our proposal.

Can my skylights be tinted?

Yes, skylights can be tinted if they are flat and made of glass. Some skylights are made of plexiglass which cannot be tinted.

Do I still need window tint if I already have Low-E or a factory tinted windows?

Low-E or factory tinted windows still allow substantial solar heat gain, glare and ultraviolet light transmission. Generally, any type of glass can be improved with the right window film.

How do I clean the windows after they have been tinted?

We use SprayWay and a microfiber cloth for a streak free shine. You can use your favorite household window cleaner without ammonia or abrasive additives.

Does window film offer any additional privacy?

Yes. We have films that can address day and nighttime privacy concerns.

Will the film bubble or turn purple like I’ve seen on car windows that are tinted?

Absolutely not. We strictly use architectural windows films on our projects which are designed to be color stable or free of any dyes or pigments. Our films are warrantied against fading, peeling, bubbling and delamination.

Do I need to clean my windows before your tint specialists come out for the film application?

No. Our experienced technicians conduct a thorough window cleaning before applying the film to make sure that dirt and other contaminants are not trapped between the film and the glass.

Are there any chemicals used in the installation?

The film is installed with a soapy water solution. There are no chemicals used.

Does the window film go on the inside or outside of the window?

Most films are designed to go on the interior of the window where it is protected from the exterior elements. Exterior films are available in instances where the interior in not accessible.

Will the window tinting void my window manufacturer’s warranty?

Some window manufacturers do void the glass warranty when window film is applied. However, the window film manufacturers’ warranty against thermal stress and seal failure. We only install films that we can warranty on your specific window type as recommended by the manufacturer’s guidelines. You are provided with a written warranty and registration that covers window and film replacement. The industry standard is 5 years on thermal stress and 3 years on seal failure from the date of installation.

Can the film be removed later if we decide we don’t want it anymore?

Yes. The film can be removed, replaced or changed at any time without damaging the window.

How do I compare the different ways your window films protect against heat, glare, fading and ultraviolet light?

Our on-site consultants will discuss your needs and recommend the best solution as well as provide samples and technical data.