Decorative Films

The perfect application for Conference Rooms, Lobbies, Retail Environments, Private Offices, Glass Partitions, and wherever there is a need for design. The applications are endless with adding aesthetic appeal to glass surfaces.  Varitey-different patterns and shades and are easily replaced to update the appearance at a later time. Now any flat glass surface can be turned into a work of art, be it an office, restaurant, den, bathroom or child’s room.

With our wide selection of decorative films, you can drastically improve the aesthetic value of your property.

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Decorative Flexibility

Choose from beautiful styles at a fraction of the cost of etched or sandblasted glass.

Simulated Glass Design

From ordinary to extraordinary! We can help you transform glass partitions, create custom etched corporate logos, add color and enhance the look of your interior space.

Enjoy Some Privacy

Maintain your privacy without sacrificing natural light.

Give Your Glass Some Class (just some of our decorative products)

Stained Glass Window Film

Textured Window Film

Window Privacy Film

Frosted Glass Film

Etched Glass Film

3M Fasara Glass Finishes


Static Cling Non-Adhesive Window Films

Specialty Window Film

Gradient Window Film

Light Diffusing Window Film

Rear Projection Window Film

Dry Erase Film





health clubs

hotel foyers

conference rooms

office partitioning




entry doors



Decorative Film Types

Static Cling

 SOLYX ® static cling can be used many more than a few times over, since it does not involve adhesives. It can be removed and installed with ease, doesn't leave behind glue residue, and can be placed on plastic, Plexiglas, and ordinary glass.


Self-adhesive window film offers a more permanent application, ideal for high traffic areas where a more durable, longer lasting product is required. SOLYX ® self-adhesive films that come in different patterns and shades are easily replaced to update the appearance at a later time.


Dimensionally stable, does not stretch, provides optical clarity, and allows for wider roll widths, a "green" product.


Allows for heavily textured designs, more receptive to surface textures and more suitable for Plexiglas, Polycarbonate and Acrylic applications. Less optical clarity than Polyester.